Vaughan Mills

We're beyond excited to be announcing our latest nook location opening October 2021.

The Nooks Vaughan Mills.

Welcome to Canada's premier shopping destination where fashion, plus outlets, dining, entertainment and NOW Canadian handmade are celebrated and shopped together opportunity of a lifetime that will truly take your handmade  business to the next level. 

 Are you ready?

 It's the thrill of the options and variety found at Vaughan Mills that draws shoppers to spend and keep coming back! Where an exceptional mix of outlets and specialty concept stores make it a top destination in North America!

The Nooks now has a permanent flagship location for you to call home. Over 15 Million people visit Vaughan Mills annually and over 800 million was spent in 2019.  We project over 2 Million in sales will be achieved in our first 3 months of operation. The Nooks Vaughan Mills is 4,000 square feet and has opportunity for over 200  small shops to be celebrated under one roof and showcased to millions of customers. This will be like no other. 

If you would like to be considered to join our maker community, please see the pricing menu below and the application form. To learn about our complete difference and expertise in our industry, learn more HERE