We asked our makers to share what they are thankful for this year, this is what they had to say!

Laura - Laulaubird

This year more than any I am thankful for my family, friends and community. We've had to learn to support eachother in different, more distanced, ways but it has brought us closer than ever. I'm so grateful to be part of an amazing community here in Port Hope and with The Nooks.

Gail - Pretty Poverty Art

I am grateful to each and every customer that has taken the time to personally let me know what they thought. As well as each purchase that has contributed not just financially but to my confidence to continue to do what I love! Truly it has meant everything to me.
Thank you

Laura - Fluid Concept

"Gratitude. What is it really? It's the quality of being thankful. It's a willing readiness to have appreciation for the good things in life. It's the expression of kindness. It's a feeling, a kind of recognition, an awareness. It's one of the best parts of humanity.

Although it's been a hard year for most of us, there is so much to be grateful for. I'm especially grateful for the perspective this year has given me; the increased emphasis on health, love, happiness, friends and family that are often taken for granted. 

This has been my first year as a full time maker. I'm grateful for the new opportunities this direction has given me, like those at The Nooks. I've met so many wonderful people through this journey. The community at The Nooks is strong and supportive, and I'm grateful for those relationships. I'm grateful for you, our customers, who support our small businesses and our creative entrepreneurial spirits. I'm grateful for the things I've learned this year and for the space to continue to learn in the future.

As I continue to explore my creative side, I want to hold on to this feeling of gratitude. Tightly. "

Natasha - CraftyCollectables

Grateful for messy dining tables that serve as a crafting station, good times and tough times. Tough times are where some of my best ideas are born. Discomfort propels me. And Tango. I’m very grateful for my Tango. 

Renee - Sew Wild Canada

I am grateful for a mother who taught me to sew and that I now use that talent to sew all my products. I started this business by showing my daughter how to sew baby quilts. 

Valarie - Knotty Creations

What am I grateful for?

First, you need to know that 2020 has been quite a roller coaster ride for me, as it has for most people.
I began a new job in March which turned into adapting to a new organization and new work colleagues by working from home.  Our landscape business began this year 5 weeks behind our usual season opening because of the lock down.

I finally passed my 5 year recovery mark with breast cancer, with a clean bill of health! Woohoo!
Up, down, up down! What I'm most grateful for is that my family are healthy and we are finding ways to adapt to the "new" normal. 

I am grateful that I get to keep working - both professionally and personally. Re-launching my "hobby" business at The Nooks Oshawa Centre has given me a better perspective on what's important in my life right now. 

I'm grateful that I can keep up with my volunteer work in Southwest Scarborough. It is truly fulfilling to give back to others in these uncertain times. Find ways to support and give back to your community. You will bring joy to those around you and your soul will thank you.

Lastly, but not the least, I am eternally grateful for my husband who supports everything I do! In sickness and in health, he is always there for me. Take time to treasure those you love. Be kind always. Sing! Dance! Live!

Wendy - Colourscapes by Wendy

I am grateful for the time this pandemic has given me to be create and restart my painting career.  Like others a full time job, family and everyday commitments have shortened my days to the point that I no longer was taking time to be my creative self.

Creating art has been a life long passion, and I forgot the passion I had for it.
Please take a minute and check out Colourscapes by Wendy. Every piece is of a special Canadian place I have been. I would love one of my pieces to be a special part of your home or office.

Melissa and Nancy - The Rustic Home

We’re thankful for our amazing family who love and support us in all that we do, as well as The Nooks for giving us a wonderful place to grow our business and share our products with all of you!

Kathleen - Judda

It can't even be put into words or pictures, I am SO thankful for my family. These people see the worst and best of me and they are unconditionally beside me every step. I am also thankful for the little joys in my life like nature, photography, guitar, food... and uhm owning a business!

Angie - Freckle Face Jewellery

I am super grateful for the lessons that I am learning from in this very surreal year of 2020. Of course no one wishes Covid to be here but I am grateful that I can look at it and find the positives. I think it hit the reset button for most of us and helped us to see what is really important...family...health....love. 

As a maker I can also see the beauty in how people are appreciating handmade and /or small businesses. I feel more of a sense of community than I think I have ever felt before in terms of my work...my friends...my neighbours and of course family. Most of all...I am so grateful to be Canadian!

Kathleen - Hometown Creative Co.

I’m grateful for The Nooks offering me such a unique space to showcase my products, it would never have been possible for me to jump into retail without this opportunity and I’m so happy I did! I’ve learned so much about my business and have absolutely loved working on new products based on real time customer feedback. The sense of community and the drive to see each of our fellow Nookie’s create and grow is so motivating and inspiring!

The sense of community and the drive to see each of our fellow Nookie’s create and grow is so motivating and inspiring!

Sheri - Blue Rocket Gifts

With the many challenges that have faced everyone worldwide this year, we have more to be grateful for than ever before.

We are so thankful to our customers that switched to supporting us online when our retail locations had to close due to the pandemic. Grateful to our stockists for their quick action and flexibility to offer virtual shopping and curb-side pick-up and delivery. Thankful for the market stores that worked with us (and hundreds of other vendors) to ease our small business's financial strain by holding rent payments/offering credits. We've all taken a hit, and you've all done your best to keep us going. 

To all of you, THANK YOU for your continued love and support. We appreciate you!

Sara - Sara's Soap and Candles

I am grateful for such a supportive community at the nooks both from management and fellow makers! With such an interesting year, 2020 has shown me that we are all in this together- with full support from one another and the community at large! Thank you for continuing to shop handmade.

Natasha - GlitterGlammCrafts Apparel & Co.

I am thankful for the time I get with my family & friends, the opportunity to create & work from home to do what I love, and grateful for all the amazing people I come across daily who inspire me & push me to aim higher!

Michelle - Into The Woods Home Decor

I am grateful for my beautiful, healthy children who in spite of this pandemic never cease to amaze me with their resiliency, strength and kindness for others. I am also grateful for my very supportive husband who has always encouraged me at every step of building this business ! He is always there to lend an ear, give advice and to help with my not so favourite tasks (aka cutting wood and sanding!!).

Lastly I am very grateful to Colleen and The Nooks team for providing me with this amazing platform to help build my business and grow it! I have always wanted to grow my business but it was The Nooks who allowed me to dream bigger and really truly grow!

Astrid - Glory Days Home

I have learned so much about business and pushing myself to learn new skills that make me feel happy and fulfilled since joining The Nooks. I am enjoying the community of makers who treat each other with support, respect and affection . 

The Nooks team are super and motivate me to be the best me I can be . I am grateful that I have this opportunity to be part of something that brings people together in these uncertain times that supports local small business and artisans beautiful creations . The love and care that goes into creating something makes one’s heart feel happy . 🙂

Alicia - Alicia's Designs

I am thankful for all the tremendous support I have received this year. And to everyone who has shopped handmade, and helped me through this tough time. In March I thought this year would be a write off, but it has surprised me. I have had some time to take a step back and work on new products, which never happens! 2020 has also made me realize what's important and that's family. I am thankful to everyone who has stuck by me through this crazy ride and I look forward to 2021. 🙂