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♥︎ What our Customers are Saying ♥︎

So many amazing, locally-made items here...a well-curated store filled with items at great prices!

Lisa Pedersen

I love this! It's a wonderland of art and vintage items. I was happy to get lost in the "nooks". Great vibe and energy.

Hanan Hazime

Love the Nooks! It’s not just a store, it's an artisan community. Everyone there is so talented and wonderful. The staff is great and they are always there to help, and the owner Colleen is really amazing.
Alicia Moore

It's a lot of fun shopping The Nooks. The level of handmade craftsmanship is truly inspiring. The staff are always friendly and you generally run I to one of the artists while you're shopping. They're setting the trend for the new wave of retail. Great place to pick up a gift or two!

Jessica Beaver

I love The Nooks so much! Such a great community of local artists, customers & kids😍 Really a home away from home! If your are looking for a gift, there is something for everyone 👍🏻

Becky Addison

I love all of The Nooks! They are my go to shops for hand-made gifts, original art, yummy artisanal food, cool vintage items and so much more. It feels awesome knowing my purchases support local entrepreneurs!

Deanna Hutton

Staff is professional, organized and proactive in every aspect of their business. Tons of unique products for everyone. Shop local. Spend local. Enjoy local. Support small businesses. 👌

Gerard Joseph

If you love supporting Handmade and Local, go by and support the shop!You will find so many unique items made with heart and soul.

Kristina RV

♥︎ What our Nookies are Saying ♥︎

For anyone starting a new business or anyone who needs a retail space without the high cost, it's a great place to start. The Nooks is really great about giving your business media exposure and providing great product photos for social media.

Zaytoon Naturals

This is the MOST growth I have ever experienced within a company/business. It is SO beneficial and exciting to be a part of something that is always evolving into something stronger.Something didn't work out - no sweat - CHANGE it! So take in every turn, every change, dive in, and find your fit. This is the place to do it.
Tara Jeronimus, Onderbroeks

I stumbled into The Nooks just after I started my greeting card business, With Love Compassion Cards. At the time, I didn't have a clear vision for my business and never imagined it growing into something substantial .The Nooks gave me an opportunity to reach customers directly, try selling new card designs, clarify my branding, and expand my greeting card line. Colleen has offered me many opportunities for growth and always makes herself available to me. 
Liana Daiter, With Love Compassion Cards

Love The Nooks! Amazing opportunity for artisans to showcase their creations!

Carmela Nunes, Acara Handmade

The Nooks has given me the opportunity to expand to a physical location for my customers to shop locally. The best part is, besides paying rent for my own space, I don't have to worry about being at the store myself. The girls that work there and the owner (Colleen) do a phenomenal job in making sure the store is run effectively.If you are looking for a physical location without all the hassle, I would definitely check out being a vendor there.
Buy Some Love

Thanks for all your love and support Nookies!!!! 😘😘😘

Bear and Barbaloot

Love this Place. Unique items, great friendly staff. The whole vibe of the place is amazing. Highly recommended.

Freyjas Daughter Tarot

I am so in love with this store 😍 Colleen & staff are so kind and upbeat... Thank you for everything. ❤️

Chelsea Good, All Things Stamped