Amanda Willett - Rituals for Recovery

Hi my name is Amanda Willett and I am the founder of Rituals for Recovery a non profit corporation which I launched during COVID, providing holistic services that aim to end human suffering through trauma relief support, informed care, education, and training.

Our grassroots organization is led by trauma informed well-being experts who are devoted to being universal agents of change in the field of trauma recovery. We provide essential mind, body recovery tools, wellness products and resources, to manage, cope and survive the aftermath of post-traumatic stress and trauma.

HHR is an arm of Rituals for Recovery a not for profit social enterprise serving women living with the intersecting challenges of violence, abuse, poverty, mental illness and addiction. We feature local artisans, wellness practitioners and individuals who have a story of recovery, sharing and supporting their business's through resale of their products and services.

Show your support to women coping with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental struggles by purchasing or sending a trauma relief care pack with therapeutic tools and holistic healing to someone in need.

Our trauma relief care kits are handmade with love by a team of talented wellness entrepreneurs and creators who craft unique collections that provide opportunities for restoration, rejuvenation, and renewal. Products and daily rituals to support your wellbeing, so you can give to others.

All profits from our Rituals for Recovery marketplace go to our Help Her Recover Trauma Relief Fund helping to end human suffering supporting causes such as VAW, Human Trafficking, Mental Health Rehabilitation and Recovery Services.

Michelle Paiva - Into The Woods Home Decor

My name is Michelle and I am the maker behind Into The Woods Home Decor. I make modern farmhouse inspired wooden signs! All of my signs are handmade from scratch in my home in Bowmanville, ON.

I love creating black and white signs that look stunning in everyone's homes regardless of their taste or decor. I am a wife and moma to 3 little kids. I began this business in 2017 while on maternity leave with my second child. Like many moms, I wanted to find a hobby that gave me some me time and to find something that was just for me apart from being a mom. I began making signs and that hobby quickly turned into a a side hustle!

In 2020 I joined The Nooks and decided to take my rapidly growing side hustle and take it to the next level. I love being able to stay home and watch my children grow while being able to create and make signs! "

Jennifer Fernandes - URB & BODY

URB & BODY strives to provide the healthiest and most effective skin care products using earth's ingredients.

Our Salve is formulated with no artificial fragrances, dyes, parabens, phatalates, petrolatum or GMO's and is safe for the entire family, babies and fur babies included. Works best on diaper rash, tattoo aftercare, chapped lips, eczema relief and much more.

Now go get your Feel Balm on. 

Jenna Shearer - Simply Mamma Designs

Three and a half years ago my daughter was born, she was perfect (obviously ❤).
I loved being a mom, but I needed something else, a little piece of the world that was wholly mine.

Simply Mamma Designs was born and has grown into something amazing, sparkly and inspiring. I have an entire workspace where I can create custom pieces and learn new skills. Every time a client shares their excitement over their new tumbler it makes my day a little brighter.

My daughter is now very involved in my business, from ""cleaning"" my office, quality control (aka does it sparkle enough), to restocking my shop space. I love showing her hard work and fun can both be a part of having a grown up job. 

Cassandra Kazlovskis - Kazzy Stone

In 2019, maker Cassandra at Kazzy Stone decided to give the beaded mala bracelet a fresh, modern makeover. She sources interesting, high-quality beads and gemstones from around the world to give each hand crafted piece a unique contemporary feel which resonates with each owner.

I firmly believe that when crystals and gemstones are placed on the body, they help you connect to the planet's healing energy, leaving you feeling more relaxed and balanced. Gemstones put out a tiny charge or vibration which affects our biomagnetic energy field, creating balance. Just as each person has a unique energy field, each stone also has a unique vibration. I love working with my customers to find the right gemstone that resonates and works for them. Kazzy Stone is all about connecting to that gemstone that you vibe with, but looking totally modern and fresh at the same time.

Kim Chambers - Pure & Natural

"My name is Kim and I am the owner of Pure & Natural, skincare + candle. Being a wife and a mom (to 4 teens) keeps me on my toes. I’m a spiritual life coach, who loves tarot cards, makeup, self-development and am currently in the process of becoming a certified Reiki practitioner.

I created Pure & Natural originally with my own skin care needs in mind. My skin has always been sensitive, very dry and itchy, especially in the colder months. I had tried all the creams and lotions I could get my hands on, but nothing really helped. That’s when I found organic, unrefined shea butter. It was the best thing I had ever used, but it was very thick, quite greasy on its own and the smell was a little difficult to get used to.

That’s when I started researching and learning how I could not only make it easier to use, but also add the benefits and aroma therapy of essential oils. In 2017, I finally created my very first body butter. My love for this butter prompted me to make a few and give them out to family as Christmas gifts. They loved it just as much as I did and in March 2018, I began Pure & Natural Skincare. Since then, my brand has expanded to include natural (baking soda free) deodorant, face oils, lip balms and candles. This October, I relaunched as simply, Pure & Natural, with an all new look and feel that is more in line with the all natural, vegan-friendly products you’ll find.

Why not give these products a try and fall in love with them as so many others have!

Courtney Hayes - Little Bean

Hi my name is Courtney and Little Bean is my baby! Little Bean started with a simple handmade gift for a friend and expectant mother. I wanted to make her little one a drool bib that was both fashionable as well as functional. I was able to create what I like to call the ""drool proof"" bib. A bandana bib with a waterproof backing and a trendy bandana swag. No more drool soaked outfits! The word spread and requests to buy my bibs started to come in. Three months later I launched my shop, Little Bean!

Little Bean is named after my first niece and Goddaughter, Angelika. Much to her dismay, I like to lovingly call her Jelly Bean because she will always be my Little Beanie!

I am an Early Childhood Educator by day and an aspiring entrepreneur by night! Working in the Education Field, I see families in action. I see the everyday struggles and I know what families are looking for or need.

Little Bean is a Canadian handmade brand that specializes in producing accessories for children. I design my accessories from sophisticated and trendy textiles locally sourced in Toronto and around the world. Little Bean carries a wide selection of “droolproof” bibs, adjustable bow ties, hair accessories and pacifier clips. Little Bean accessories are the perfect addition to any outfit because as I like to say, "childhood is too short not to accessorize!"

Tammy Pugh - Cree8ive Designs

My name is Tammy and I am Cree8ive Designs.

Cree8ive Designs started 2 years ago with a vision of creating a product that I would love to have in my own home, when I created the first couple of lighted bottles I started getting requests from everyone that saw them to make them one. Let’s fast forward through the trials and errors, and the revised versions, to today.

I carefully design and handcraft each bottle and I feel blessed that Cree8ive Designs has been able to grow and provide many local consumers with a unique gift, suitable for any person and every occasion. I am continually inspired through positive feedback to create new designs that bring people happiness.

Thank you for letting Cree8ive Designs brighten up your home.

Sara McIntyre - Sara's Soaps and Candles

I'm Sara - creator behind Sara's Soaps and Candles. I've been running my own hand made business since 2016 when I started making novelty soaps for friends and as gifts. I started selling at local markets shortly after that and transitioned to only candles in 2017 when I launched my Canada Collection of soy candles - inspired by Canada's 150th birthday that year, with scents from my favourite places: hiking in the mountains of British Columbia (my favourite place to travel), Algonquin Campfire (I grew up camping with my mom and grandparents and our favourite family camping spot was Algonquin park! and more!

Each candle I make is hand made with love, 100% soy wax, and richly scented with high quality fragrance oils!