The Nooks was a dream I made a reality on my 26th birthday. I had been planning my entrepreneurial launch for 9 years prior to July 26th, 2015 when I handed in my notice to leave my corporate career. I have always been creative in painting, designing and having a talent for bringing objects, spaces, people and opportunities together to achieve something great.

Attending post secondary school for Fine Arts and post graduate studies for business, the next safe step was to find a ‘job’ to start practicing everything I had learnt in school. It turned out that was not for me and I instantly felt unfulfilled landing my first professional role - coming home at night seeking more to give and the need to make a greater impact. I would sketch out new product features, better technology systems, merchandising schematics, stronger sales strategies, sign up for all corporate functions, events that needed a volunteer or extra help, all for my corporate employer, all outside of my ‘job title’. I did this simply because I saw greater opportunity in addressing the customers’ unmet needs and interests...Something had to change. In those self-searching moments of trying to find my WHY, I realized I would truly risk it all – the salary, the benefits, the comforts and the vacations -if it meant I could make a greater impact in this world. I had everything inside me including years of planning my business idea. I knew I had something to give and to an industry that needed it the most - the maker community and those who support it. Something had to change in how handmade was retailed, and I knew exactly how The Nooks would be that difference.

I have a burning desire to support, guide and help people in discovering their full potential.. My passion for the success of others, their products, their ideas, their dreams, goals, fuels me to constantly seek out new and better ways to connect with our community, do business, to change retail for all to succeed. I thrive on helping others get on step closer to living out their purpose and loving their life because of it!

It is truly the heart and of why The Nooks exist – and the purpose why we do things differently. We do not stay still, we do not follow the beaten tracks of retail, we don’t just rent space. We are forging a different path by providing a difference, a smart retail system to thrive in, a home base for your endless potential. The Nooks is in the business of supporting and guiding the dreamers and doers, the makers who have the courage to create- no matter what. WE are all in…and if you're ready to leave your mark on this world - you should be, too. Your talents, your gift is worth it, and today’s world needs more of that.

Your time is now.