The Nooks Christmas Market 2020

We’re excited to be introducing our new, reformatted Christmas Market + Oshawa Centre Mall expansion come October 1st, 2020!

With covid restrictions still in place for large, indoor gatherings, it has now become impossible to successfully host an indoor market in the original format we had planned and hoped for!

Our new retail market format allows us to continue to offer pop up options over the course of 90 days and full time retail nooks for handmade business to showcase and sell at the OC during seasonal and holiday months.

We are expanding our current retail footprint an additional 3,000 sq feet to continue to host and celebrate a successful shopping season to end 2020!

Applications are open for our full time retail nooks and daily pop up vending opportunities at the Oshawa Centre Mall. 

FULL TIME STANDARD NOOK / 91 day contract starting October 1st, 2020. 

  • Brand your biz within your own retail nook at the Oshawa Centre in our newly expanded Nook store across from Entrance 3.
  • Nook measurements: 3 ft wide x 3 ft deep x 12 ft high. 
  • Earn 100% of all sales - zero commission / fees deducted off your payout! 
  • This membership includes: The Nooks business dashboard, nookSTART business resources, gift wrapping supplies, paper bags, tissues, transaction fees, 24/7 online and in store inventory tracking and sales reporting, custom website URL on our website of your business, fully staffed store 7 days a week.
  • Direct deposit payments from your in store and online sales on a bi weekly schedule. 
  • Discounted shipping rates for all online purchases.
  • Opportunity to participate in OC + The Nooks holiday promotion and merchandising boxes around the mall, festive shop nights for customers and special mall guests. 
  • Highlighted maker profile and promotion of your business in store and online. 

Full time nook membership at the Oshawa Centre ( 91 day contract) from October 1st - December 31st : $1950 / split into 2 payments of $975. 


  • Daily pop up opportunity between October 2nd - December 31st, 2020 at the Oshawa Centre
  • Max of 2 makers a day vending in store 
  • 5 ft x 2.5 ft table is provided / linens are not
  • Overstock storage included
  • Wifi is included to connect your payment processor 
  • Bags, tissues not included
  • Pop up hours follow the mall hours
  • There is no early tear down and your table must be staffed at all times. 

Daily pop up rate: $150 / day 

About Oshawa Centre

  • 9.9 million customer visits in 2019
  • 346 million dollars customers spent at the OC in 2019
  • The Nooks store generated $67,000 in vendor product sales in the first 4 weeks of opening on February 9th, 2020
  • Customers spend an average of $89 per visit
  • Customers spend an hour+ shopping

The Nooks Oshawa Centre customer profile:

  • 68% are female
  • 72% are college / university educated
  • 75% are in the workforce and have dual income 
  • 47% shop exclusively at The Oshawa Centre