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The Nooks - February 12, 2020

Throughout the course of my life I have always loved making things and directed that love into various mediums over the years.  

After working in the financial industry for 20 years I starting painting as a outlet to express my creativity after my daughter was born. My painting career grew quickly with many solo and group shows.  When the gallery i was showing with closed, I slowly phased into other creative outlets.  This included the medium of Silver Art clay that allowed me to combine my love for making silver jewelry and painting. I am always making something and trying to think up new projects. My husband always asks how i sleep at night with so many ideas going on in my head! Finding new ideas keeps me engaged and excited about what I do.

My main focus now is on the current trend of recycling. This began when I was lucky enough to purchase 75 pounds of broken vintage watches and all the pieces that went with them. Starting out with small gear necklaces it has morphed into an entire jewelry and accessory line. My belt buckles are also designed with a unique mix of interesting materials and vintage postcards from the early 1900’s. My customers and friends are now eager to pass on things like broken jewelry to me to use in my designs. I have one friend who gave me 4 shopping bags of costume jewelry that was her mother’s! Needless to say, I love finding hidden treasures in others’ cast-offs.

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