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Night (Woodcut Print)Night (Woodcut Print)
Upwards (woodcut print)Upwards (woodcut print)
Succulent on Yellow (original painting)Succulent on Yellow (original painting)
<3 the Trees: Two on Blue (original painting)<3 the Trees: Two on Blue (original painting)
<3 the Trees: with Purple Flowers (original painting)<3 the Trees: with Purple Flowers (original painting)
Purple Garden (original painting)Purple Garden (original painting)
Way Home (original painting)Way Home (original painting)
Down the Street (original painting)Down the Street (original painting)
Clouds in Hydrangeas (original painting)Clouds in Hydrangeas (original painting)
Aloe at Night (original painting)Aloe at Night (original painting)
Confetti Path (original oil painting)Confetti Path (original oil painting)
Astrogirls Stay Home (original drawing)Astrogirls Stay Home (original drawing)
DAUGHTER | MOTHER (original drawing)DAUGHTER | MOTHER (original drawing)

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